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Current generation is completely relying on Smartphones and Internet in order to get their work done. The entire world is running behind the technological advancements and people ignoring their health. Usage of Smartphones and Internet has become very common to such an extent that people are not even capable of memorizing a ten digit mobile number. According to, Most of the people in world are suffering from ‘digital amnesia’ because of rapid usage of smartphones and Internet. The Search Giant, Google and smartphones has been accused for providing much leisure to the brains of human as they no longer retain as memories.

Rapid Usage of Smartphones and Google Leads to “Digital Amnesia”

Google and Smartphones are ruining your Memory

One of the leading Cyber-Security Companies, ‘Kaspersky Lab’ has conducted a Survey on 6,000 people aged 16 or older in six European countries including the UK. As per the study of Kaspersky Lab, the researchers found that more than half of connected adults increasingly rely on their smart devices and are unable to recall their partner’s phone number and even more shockingly, 72 % can’t memorize their kid’s number. Rapid usage of smartphones and internet leads to “Digital Amnesia”.

In the Survey conducted by the leading Cyber Security Firm, Kaspersky Labs, the researchers found that out of 10, seven could not memorize their kid’s number and nine out of ten are unable to recall important information about their beloved ones. Only 50% of adults could promptly memorize their residential phone number. The survey mainly included people in the age group between 24 to 26 and shockingly they said that the smartphone is their memory and so there is no need of memorizing.

Google and Smartphones are ruining your Memory

David Emm, the Principal Security Research at Kaspersky Lab said: How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070057 “We need to understand the long-term implications of this for how we remember and how we protect those memories.“ The phone numbers of those who matter most to us are now just a click away – so we no longer bother to memorize the details.”

Dr. Kathryn Mills from the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London said, “One of the reasons consumers might be less worried about remembering information is because they have connected devices they trust.”

“The act of forgetting is not inherently a bad thing. We are beautifully adaptive creatures and we don’t remember everything because it is not to our advantage to do so. Forgetting becomes unhelpful when it involves losing information that we need to remember.” added Kathryn.

You can find the complete Survey Report in the Kaspersky Labs Survey report.